Sarkis is a must-do when you’re in Buenos Aires. This Armenian restaurant is full every night it’s open and the que is usually between half an hour and an hour. Is it cold or rainy outside? Don’t worry, they have outside heating and you can wait under a plastic roof so you’ll be dry when you enter. Be aware, Sarkis is a factory.


We waited about 45 minutes before we could enter the restaurant. They try to get as many guests as possible and won’t let you look at the menu for to long. Visiting Sarkis means that you know what you’re gonna eat and you’re gonna eat it fast. The food offered is Armenian (of course) and the taste is very good and the dishes are of a good size.


Adress: Thames 1101
Open: Mo – Su 12h – 15h & 20h – 01h
Phone: +5411 4772-4911 
Price: $$