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Sarkis is a must-do when you’re in Buenos Aires. This Armenian restaurant is full every night it’s open and the que is usually between half an hour and an hour. Is it cold or rainy outside? Don’t worry, they have outside heating and you can wait under a plastic roof so you’ll be dry when you enter. Be aware, Sarkis is a factory.


We waited about 45 minutes before we could enter the restaurant. They try to get as many guests as possible and won’t let you look at the menu for to long. Visiting Sarkis means that you know what you’re gonna eat and you’re gonna eat it fast. The food offered is Armenian (of course) and the taste is very good and the dishes are of a good size.


Adress: Thames 1101
Open: Mo – Su 12h – 15h & 20h – 01h
Phone: +5411 4772-4911 
Price: $$


Koh Lanta

Boy oh boy we miss Asian food. Coming from the Netherlands we’re very used to have many different Asian cuisines to choose from on every street corner. In Buenos Aires, that’s different.


But thank god there is Koh Lanta! Quite a fancy place, a big difference with most vegetarian restaurants. Well to be honest, this is not a vegetarian restaurant. They serve all other sorts of dishes but you can get them as vegetarian or vegan dishes. For that they usually add tofu or more vegetables. It’s basically the same as in Asian restaurants all over the world, more veggie-friendly!

The taste of the food, the beauty of the dishes and the staff is all of a very good level and for sure we would love to eat here again!

Adress: Gorriti 4647
Open: Mo – Su 20h – everyone is gone
Phone: +54 4831 0440
Price: $$$


Espacio Despierta

The kitchen of this multi-purpose cultural centre and no-nonsense place, offers 100% Vegetarian food for lunch & dinner: Salads, Koftas, Paninis, Hamburgers with lentils or aduki beans- burritos with different fillings and pizza’s, of which two vegan options.
We ate the Kofta’s and a Burrito with mushrooms which were both good (although the kofta’s were a bit cold). I was, however a great fan of the huge vegan starting & sharing platter with lots of olives, pickles, toasted breadslices and two tasty dips of carrot and spinach.
The service is very friendly and there is a super relaxed atmosphere. In summer the seats outside are busy with people eating and enjoying grand sized cocktails. We had a wonderful evening, leaving the place only at 3.30 am….

Adress: Av. Lacroze 3578
Open: Mo – Fr 17h – 23h | Sa – Su 13h – 19h
Phone: 2050 8690
Price: $$


Screenshot 2016-01-27 at 17.15.30


An all vegetarian / vegan restaurant aiming to serve only healthy dishes. We haven’t tried it yet but it is high in our list!


Adress: Montevideo 446
Open: Mo 08h – 18h | Tu – Fr 08h – 19.30h | Tu – Su 20h – 01h
Phone: +54 4374 5125
Price: $$


Los Sabios

I used to ride a horse called ‘Sabio’ a lot and love that animal. So this must be a great place to eat! Los Sabios serves a buffet with vegetarian and vegan options. It’s quite cheap but the taste not bad at all! The buffet is a combination of Asian and Italian food (which actually fits very well) and it has a huge salad and desert bar.


Most people come here for take-away but you can as well take a seat and have dinner here. Don’t expect a romantic place but if you’re not in for cooking, get a bite here :)

Adress: Corrientes 3733
Open: Mo – Su 11.30h – 03h & 19.30h – 23.30h
Price: $

Screenshot 2016-01-23 at 18.09.41

Spring Restaurant

This Asian place offers 100% vegetarian dishes, including Japanese sushi. It is for sure not the best looking place in town, but if you feel a craving for vegetarian Asian food, this may just be the place for you.

Adress: Guatemala 4452
Open:  Mo-Fr: 20:00 a 23:30 hs | Sa-So:  12:00 a 15:30 hs and 20:00 a 23:30 hs
Phone: 011 4831-8877
Price: $$

Artemesia Cocina Natural (Bio)

Artemisia Cocina Natura

This is a vegetarian, biological & organic restaurant and health shop in one! A great place for a healthy breakfast, lunch & dinner, or just for drinks in the heart of Palermo.

Artemiesia 1

Adress: Goritti 5996
Open: Tu – Fr : 10:00 – 0:30 hr | Sa: 10:00 – 0:45 | Su: 10:00 – 17:00 hr
Web: |
Phone: 011 4776-5484
Price: $$


Naturaleza Sabia

In one of the lovely streets of picturesque San Telmo, this 100% veggie restaurant offers you colourful and tasty dishes which are made with love.  There are also vegan options on the menu as well.

This is my favourite veggie place on this side of town. They deliver as well! The restaurant is easily reached through Subte Independencia if you come from the other side of town.

IMG_4441 IMG_4439

Adress:  Balcarce 958
Open: Tu – Sa  12:00 – 15:30 hr | 20:00 – 0:00hr
Phone:  011 4300-6454
Price: $$

magendie van web2

Restaurante Magendie

Restaurante Magendie – cocina natural. The reataurant is located in Palermo Holywood and serves beautifully designed dishes (including vegetarian options) made of purely natural ingredients.

magendie van web1  magendie van web3

Adress:  Honduras 5900
Open:  Mo-Fr: 9-20h |Sa-So: 10-20h
Phone: 011 4772-0022
Price: $$$



Cocina Shiva Mangalam

We didn’t know about this place until the waitress of another place told us to go here (there restaurant was closed). It wasn’t busy at all that night, just a few people outside, no-one inside. We were with three in total and sitting outside was only possible with two persons due the small sidewalk so we had to go in. But with the beautiful wall paintings it is great to be inside the restaurant!

Unfortunately not all the dishes on the menu were served this night so we had to let the sushi go. But we got to order a big salad, hamburger and portobello’s. All very good although the portobello’s were a bit small. To accompany the dishes we ordered three different homemade juices, all spectaculair!

IMG_4026Shiva Alm

We finished the night with a huge piece of lemon pie. We missed the lemon taste a bit but still, lovely desert. Maybe try the tiramisu or chocolate cake the next time, because they looked so good!

Adress: Mario Bravo 866
Open: Mo – Sa 10h – 00h
Web: Facebook page
Phone: +5411 4862-6445
Price: $$

almacen purista

Almacén Purista

On accident we passed by this very nice restaurant in barrio Villa Crespo and decided to have dinner here. Surprised by the variety of dishes they serve, from pizza and pasta to stew and more traditional Argentine dishes, we choose for two plates to share. It was a pizza (integral) and some huge ravioli’s with avocado. Delicious!


It happens often that vegetarian restaurants have this cozy feeling, where the owner walks around, laughing with everyone and it’s all a bit…well, you know, cozy; not so professional. It’s something I do actually like about vegetarian restaurants. But in Almacén Purista everything feels more like a ‘normal’ restaurant. The service is of a very good standard and our waitress seems to know a lot about the food and the wine. She serves us well and the timing is right.


So, it feels more like a ‘normal’ restaurant, sitting on the spacious terrace (a lot of space for the tables inside as well!), enjoying a good glass of wine and a delicious dish. But even though the variety of dishes is big, they are not serving anything really special. No fusion meals or influences from strange parts of the world. But still, if you want to go for the good ‘ol Italian dish, go to Almacén Purista!

Adress: Juan Ramírez de Velazco 701
Open: Mo – Sa 09h – 00h | Su 09h – 20h
Phone: +5411 4779 2210
Price: $$



Vita is a vegan paradise! This modern looking place offers ONLY vegan options and makes use of 100% vegan and also raw and organic wholemeal ingredients in their products. Its a place for breakfast, lunch and ‘merienda’ – a 5 pm snack.

Vita offers a wide range of sweet cakes and tarts – containing an organic wholemeal base, organic cane sugar, coconut oil instead of butter and dulce de leche made of soja. Yet if you do not have a sweet tooth you can feast on the hearty options as pizzas, salads and pastas. For drinks they offer organic café, fresh juices, smoothies (with non-dairy milk), juice mixes (with optional wheatgrass), infused waters, and more. We advise you to stick with the vita-like products and don’t try their coffee.

Vita is a nice, inspirational place to sit or work and enjoy food for which no animal has had to suffer in any way. This is the ultimate place for tasty guilt-free-food!

Vita has two locations: one in Palermo and one in the centre of Buenos Aires. You can also visit their online shop!


Adress: Costa Rica 4522 (Palermo) | Hipólito Yrigoyen 583 (Centro)
Open: Mo – Tu 10h – 20h | We – Su 10h – 01h
Web: |
Phone: +54 (11) 4342-0788
Price: $$


Mercado ST

Mercadito Latino

Mercadito Latino is the place to be for those times when you feel a craving for good Mexican (vegetarian) food. The place offers vegetarian options but also serves meat and fish. We like it spicy and on request we received a wonderful, super spicy, home-made chili sauce with our vegetarian quesadilla’s, filled with grilled vegetables and cheese. Another good veggie option is the all-vegetarian sharing plate combining all vegetarian options of their menu.

Buenos Aires verde (4)MERC ST

Adress: Carlos Calvo 488
Phone:  +54 – 11 2004-1056
Price: $$




Arevalito is a pure vegetarian restaurant with tastes from all over the world. Dinner options can be turned vegan on your request. The little, cosy restaurant is run by the charismatic Carmen Paz, who once ran a restaurant in a basement in central Amsterdam during the roaring 70’s. This place is very cute. It has an open kitchen at the front and three different spaces with a small number of tables and seats, including a little, airy patio. The division in different spaces ensures that wherever you sit, it feels cosy and comfortable.

We visited the place at a weird time for a late lunch (18h) when the crew was preparing for dinner. However, Carmen made sure they made us two nice and hearty dishes: a vegetable stir fry and a warm sandwich with an egg and grilled vegetables. Both were a good portion of healthy, honest vegetarian food. With it, we drank a home-made lemonade of lemon and ginger. The version without any sugar was our favorite!

We were pleased to have visited this friendly place, and would recommend it to anyone looking for honest vegetarian food.

IMG_4417IMG_4412  IMG_4415IMG_4411

Adress: Arévalo 1478
Open: Mo-Sa: 10:00 -17.00 & 18.00- 0:00 | Su 12:00 – 23:30
Phone: +54 11 4776-4252
Price: $$

Bio logo

BIO solo organico

BIO solo organico is a unique place in Buenos Aires as it offers not only vegetarian and vegan delicious food, everything they serve is organic as well. This makes it a slightly pricier option, yet the food is definitely worth it. We are in love with their ginger & sesame ice cream and really enjoyed the tofu in mustard-sauce!


Adress: Humboldt 2192
Open: Mo-Su 10h-00h
Phone: +54 11 4774-3880
Price: $$$



Curcuma logo


Curcuma must be our all-time favorite vegetarian restaurant in Buenos Aires. It serves great food, the atmosphere is very relaxed and the service is super friendly. We love their patatas bravas covered in curcuma as a starter and the pizza with a wholemeal base and fresh rucola as a shared main combined with one of their fresh salads.

In the weekend Curcuma invites artists providing you with great live music and on Sundays you can even join in a tango class. This place is highly recommended and we are sure you will have a great time here!

Curcuma logo Curcuma1

Adress:  Sarmiento 3685
Open:  Tue- Sa 20h-01h
Web: &
Phone:  +54-114862 7272
Price: $$

Papas Curcuma



I have to admit, a bit weird to put this cajun-style-restaurant on this site, they serve just one or two veggie / vegan meals, all the other servings are chicken, chicken and more (fried) chicken. But before you close this page, let me explain why Nola deserves a place here.


First of all, Nola is a great place with a lovely atmosphere, guests and staff. These days it’s always full with people and the whole sidewalk is used as terrace. Second, they serve the best pints in Buenos Aires, from the Broëders Brewery. My all time favorite is the IPA but taste them all before you decide what your favorite beer is. And as last, order a plate of red beans & rice with that. Served in old white bowls you’ll feel like being back in the ol’ times, enjoying your lunch in Louisiana while zipping a cold beer.

So even though it’s not really a super vegetarian friendly place, I love to come here. Not for a romantic dinner but for a good plate of food accompanied with the best beer in town! And don’t forget: happy hour every day between 17h and 20h.

Adress: Goritt 4389
Open: Mo – Fr 17h – 00h | Sa – Su 13h – 24h
Phone: +54 111563501704
Price: $$



A well known restaurant in Buenos Aires which you don’t only see in blog posts about healthy food in the city. You’ll find it in almost every guide. And there is a damn good reason for that. Hierbabuena is a very, very good restaurant. I remember the first time I went here. Had an meeting close to the restaurant but was a bit early so walked in for a bite, sat down and didn’t want to leave anymore! I was in Buenos Aires for a while already and by then it was difficult to find outstanding vegetarian food. But here I was, in this lovely place with a nice green interior, enjoying a lovely vegetarian fusion plate with a good glass of wine.


Every time I went back here I loved it even more. The staff has always been very friendly and the food and recipes keep on changing and surprising me. And you can take your meat-eating date to this restaurant and don’t have to be afraid that she ‘ll hate you for taking you to a vegetarian restaurant, because the menu offers both vegetarian options as meat / fish plates. It’s not the cheapest option but go here at least once, you won’t regret it.


Adress: Avenida Caseros 454
Open: Mo 9h – 17h | Tu – Th&Su 9h – 00h | Fr – Sa 9h – 1h
Phone: +54 1143622542
Price: $$$